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Sustainable living

Try to live sustainably. Remember the 3 Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle. Buy only what you really need, reuse it where possible and finally make sure it is recycled at the end of its usable life. You can donate many unwanted items to charity shops, give them away or sell them online.

Make informed choices about what you buy to minimise the impact on the planet, for example you could buy local produce to reduce your carbon footprint and make sure that you buy food with recyclable packaging.

Walking or cycling instead of driving short distances is good for your health as well as the planet. For longer distances try and use public transport. Why not go on holiday closer to home instead of flying abroad? 

Recording wildlife

You might be surprised how little we know about some species of wildlife. Wildlife conservation depends on an accurate understanding on the location and abundance of species. You can help improve our knowledge about wildlife by recording what you see, whether in your garden or out and about. Records of any species are valuable, including common species and non-native invasive species. You can find out more and submit records on the Cofnod website. Cofnod is the Local Records Centre for North Wales and holds biological data for the region. 

Get help to identify what you’ve seen with BBC Wildlife Finder, RSPB Bird Identifier, Butterfly Conservation Trust and iSpot.

Wildlife gardeningWildlife garden at Loggerheads Country Park

Gardens are an important resource for wildlife in the UK. If managed in the right way, gardens can provide ideal habitats for animals and plants and make a significant contribution to wildlife conservation.

Download our Wildlife Gardening Information Pack at the bottom of the page to find out about creating your own wildlife garden. It contains lots of information, including what to plant, composting, pest control and providing homes and food for wildlife.

Wildlife Gardening Information Pack

Wildlife Gardening Information Pack



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