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There are a range of opportunities for you to get involved with the work of Denbighshire Countryside Service, whether you can join in once in a while or every week. Have a look at the volunteering page to find out more and download the latest volunteer programme.

In the community

Volunteer for a conservation organisation

A lot of conservation work is going on at the local level, and you can become involved by volunteering with organisations or on specific projects. There are lots of opportunities to suit all kinds of people. Denbighshire Countryside Service runs a volunteer programme with regular outdoor volunteer activities, from scrub clearance to monitoring sand lizards. If this doesn’t appeal, there are many other organisations that may have a volunteering opportunity to suit you, such as North Wales Wildlife Trust, RSPB and North East Wales Wildlife. Volunteering not only helps our wildlife, but can be a great way of gaining experience to find paid work and to meet like-minded people. 

Community groups

If you are keen there may be grants available to form an environmental community group to look after your local area.

Spread the word

If you have a passion for wildlife, don’t keep it quiet! Tell your friends and family and help them to do their bit for the environment. If there is an important issue in your local area, you could email or write to you MP or Assembly Member. It is important that together we raise awareness about biodiversity.

Volunteers at Mount Wood


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