Denbighshire's Biodiversity

Denbighshire is a county with a wide variety of wildlife. With habitats as diverse as coastal sand dunes, heather moorland, ancient woodland and limestone grassland, it has an equally diverse range of species.

Click on the images below or use the links on the left to explore some of wildlife that can be found in our county.

You can find our about the conservation work we are undertaking in the projects section of this website or on the Biodiversity Action Reporting System.

spacer Limestone woundwort  Black grouse  European otter  Beautiful demoiselle  River lamprey  Waxcaps  Little tern  Adder  Water vole  Natterjack toad  Freshwater pearl mussel  Welsh hawkweed  Red squirrel  Great crested newt  Atlantic salmon  Barn owl  Sand lizard  Dormouse  Grizzled skipper  European eel


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